"Autumn On The Isles" - Wednesday December 2nd, 2009
[If you enjoyed doing Summer Homework then you'll love reading about Autumn fun.]

"Summer Homework Page" - Saturday August 1st, 2009
[Phill isn't updating hs journal, but he is making a page for English homework this summer.]

"Return Of The Incredible" - Wednesday April 8th, 2009
[after a long long wait, your need to read will finally be full-Phill-ed.]

"Noashima" - Sunday July 27th, 2008
[what better way to spend Sea Day (or the day before) than by the sea?]

"June In The States" - Saturday July 26th, 2008
[smiles on their faces. Is it from the work they did or the drinks they had?]

"Golden Week & Wakayama 08" - Sunday June 22nd, 2008
[Golden times embolden minds.]

"Free Food" - Saturday May 3rd, 2008
[The best spice you can add to a food is free.]

"The Winter of 08" - Tuesday March 25th, 2008
[Back in the winter of two thousand eight, oh yeah! - wouldn't have made as good a song.]

"Was It Gifu You?" - Sunday March 23rd, 2008
[The prefecture of Gifu is anything but perfunctory.]

"Luke & Maki's Wedding" - Thursday February 14th, 2008
[A lovely story for the Day of Valentine.]

"A Visitor From Tokyohio" - Saturday January 19th, 2008
[From Ohio, to Tokyo, to Osaka.]

Woo Hah!
"Halloween Oh Seven" - Sunday January 13th, 2008
[Bad dreams, big screams, and two wiffle ball teams.]

"Singapore & More" - Thursday September 20th, 2007
[Pour some song into a sling and then sing. In Singapore they'll be singing for more.]

"Bed & Breakfast In Wakayama" - Thursday September 13th, 2007
[Wakayama has beds and breakfast for all! Don't hold back. Come join the fun!]

"Another Medley Of Activities" - Friday September 7th, 2007
[Look at all the SUMMER things that our hero did. WOW!]

"Akame 48 Falls" - Friday August 24th, 2007
[Here it is, the most boring entry Phill's every written.]

"A Medley Of Activities" - Friday July 27th, 2007
[Look at all the spring things that our hero did. WOW!]

"Go Fly A Kite!" - Thursday July 26th, 2007
[Go fly a kite? I've got an even better idea, DON'T. Kites suck. Honestly.]

"Golden Week 2007" - Monday July 2nd, 2007
[The time of the year for castles and thrones. Thrones that appear when you move the sink.]

"Feb 24th to March 31st, 2007" - Tuesday April 24th, 2007
[Many things can happen over the span on 5 weeks and I'll be damned if they didn't do just that.]

"Winter BBQ" - Friday March 9th, 2007
[The food was grilling, but Phill was freezing, the sunset was visually pleasing.]

Jump Jump
"Fish Eye Photos Part Two" - Friday February 9th, 2007
[Serving you more fish than you could wish on a dish.]

"New Years 06~07" - Monday January 8th, 2007
[Things that were done are detailed within.]

"Christmas 06" - Sunday January 7th, 2007
[XMAS: Rudolf's physical deformity finally came in handy to those who had alienated him his entire life.]

"Thanksgiving 06" - Tuesday December 5th, 2006
[I love pie, wanna eat it till I die, and then I wont cry, because I've known pie.]

"Halloween 06sixsix" - Wednesday November 8th, 2006
[It's the time of year when things go bump in the night, especially things wrapped in TP.]

"Akazaka & Kobe" - Saturday September 4th, 2006
[Need something to help you remember a lackluster day? Click the link above for an idea!]

"Back Stateside" - Tuesday October 31st, 2006
[Smashmouth football smashed me in the mouth and now I'm here to tell all about it.]

"Airsoft" - Sunday October 1st, 2006
[It may be called airSOFT, but Phill Evans is a HARD ass when it's game time folks.]

"Hanshin August 2006" - Friday September 29th, 2006
[At $10 a pop who could resist last minute tickets to kick it Tiger style?]

"Ibaraki Festival 2006" - Friday September 22nd, 2006
[More dancing, more eating, and more proof.]

"Brazilian Show" - Thursday September 21st, 2006
[Dancing, eating, and the pictures to prove it.]

"Fish Eye Photos Part One" - Sunday July 30th, 2006
[Things from a Fish Eye Point Of View at better. Plain and simple.]

"Birthday 2006" - Saturday July 29th, 2006
[He ate alongside the Kamo River with a belly full of wine and a heart full of sunshine.]

"Back Stateside" - Wednesday June 21st, 2006
[Phill will be back to watch the Buckeyes take the Bulls by the horn, so to speak.]

"Fish, Friends, and Sitars" - Sunday June 4th, 2006
["Off with his head" I cried. "On to the pizza" Matt replied.]

"Takoyaki" - Monday May 15th, 2006
[they don't not call it takoYUCKY for nothing. It's declicious!]

"May Flowers" - Sunday May 7th, 2006
[giant fighting robot cockpit and how to get there]

"April Showers" - Sunday April 16th, 2006
[last month it was glassware, this month it's sunglass wear]

"March Madness" - Wednesday March 29th, 2006
[to some March Madness means basketball, but to Phill it means plum blossoms and glassware]

"Maiko, Hot Springs, & The Holidays" - Wednesday January 25th, 2006
[Maiko are what I like yo, Hot springs make your hearts sing... er something]

"Hanshin Victory & JHSchool" - Sunday October 2nd, 2005
[a cultural festival and naked men roaming the streets of Osaka]

"Mt. Koya Part 2" - Friday August 5th, 2005
[mountains and yamas for all of your mommas]

"Sasebo Burger & So Forth" - Tuesday July 26th, 2005
[big burgers, bad burgers, tasty treats with lots of meats]

"Okinawa" - Monday June 27th, 2005
[a tropical island playground is where I roamed on my birthday this year]

"Hikone" - Saturday June 25th, 2005
[It's a caslte town which means B&W photos only of course]

"Hakuba" - Monday March 7th, 2005
[once the site of the Olympics, also the site of carnage a la Phill]

"Xmas 2004" - Monday March 7th, 2005
[nothing says Xmas like ninjas, nachos, and a grand view of Osaka]

"Shikoku" - Sunday March 6th, 2005
[I went to this island and like walked across a bridge and stuff]

"Room #510" - Saturday November 27th, 2004
[a new place in the same appartment, but so much better]

"Coworkers" - Friday August 27th, 2004
[cause these are the people that make or break your time abroad]

"The Rents Visit To Japan" - Monday June 21st, 2004
[both my folks and I had an excellent visit together for their first trip to Japan]

"Daimonji" - Sunday June 13th, 2004
[and climbing a mountain for 6 hours sounded like so much fun...]

"The Ancient Ninja Art Of Taunting" - Thursday May 5th, 2004
[one must master the art of taunting if he is to master the art of self]

"A Visit From Chiba" - Wednesday April 14th, 2004
[My Pen Pal comes down to Osaka for the sparkle and shine]

"Sakura Season Again" - Saturday April 10th, 2004
[Cherry Blossoms in Kyoto & Yoshino]

"Yankees Who?" - Monday March 29th, 2004
[David kills Goliath once again]

"Back In Osaka" - Monday March 15th, 2004
[the 1st 6 weeks of my time back in the saddle]

"Welcome To Senbayashi" - Friday January 16th, 2004
[soon to be known as the "Land Of Phill"]

"Xmas 2003" - Friday December 26th, 2003
[Xmas in Mansfield & at the House Of Japan]

"South Africa" - Thursday November 20th, 2003
[South Africa is South Africa-licious]

"Japan Series 2003" - Sunday November 2nd, 2003
[Tiger fans flock in mass from Columbus, OH to Osaka, Japan to cheer for their team]

"Headed For South Africa" - Tuesday September 30th, 2003
[going on Safari is more fun than playing Atari]

"Nihon Ni Kaerimasu" - Thursday August 14th, 2003
[back to Osaka to see the Japan Series]

"Fire Breathing Travis" - Monday August 11th, 2003
[Travis on the loose in Ohio]

"One Final Month At 22" - Sunday June 22nd, 2003
[the last month before I turn 23 years old]

"Dawes Arboretum" - Wednesday May 28th, 2003
[A mythical journey through a tree park]

"Cinco De Mayo" - Tuesday May 13th, 2003
[Americans celebrating a Mexican holiday]

"Camping" - Wednesday May 7th, 2003
[trees, hotdogs, canoes, and rain]

"Mansfield, St Patrick, & Bartending" - Monday April 7th, 2003
[an overview of the last 2 months in Phillville]

"Snow Bowl 2003" - Tuesday February 18th, 2003
[1 ball, 4 men, and a hell of a lot of snow]

"Nerdfest" - Wednesday January 29th, 2003
[computers, Mt. Dew, and games galore]

"Unemployment" - Saturday January 18th, 2003
[the life of a jobless Phill]

"Xmas, New years, & Football" - Monday January 6th, 2003
[Phill's holiday season]

"One Week In Ohio" - Monday December 16th, 2002
[Pictures from one of Phill's weeks in Ohio]

"Ash & Old Man's Cave" - Thursday November 28th, 2002
[2 cool caves in Ohio]

"OSU vs. Michigan" - Sunday November 24th, 2002
[the biggest football game of the year]

"Halloween" - Saturday November 16th, 2002
[my favorite holiday of the year]

"North Carolina" - Monday November 11th, 2002
[the state where my brother lives]

"Renaissance Festival" - Monday November 4th, 2002
[Kings, Queens, Knights, and Turkey Legs]

"Amish" - Saturday November 2nd, 2002
[no fuel burning, straight butter churning]

"Tokyo" - Thursday September 19th, 2002
[Tokyo... is a big city]

"Kibune" - Wednesday September 18th, 2002
[Eating tasteless noodles over a river]

"To The Students Of Neyagawa NOVA" - Thursday September 12th, 2002
[Thanks for everything, keep in touch]

"Fuji-san" - Tuesday September 3rd, 2002
[A good/bad climb to the top of Japan's largest mountain]

"Lake Biwa" - Thursday August 22nd, 2002
[A bad bike ride to Japan's largest lake]

"Kaiyukan Aquarium" - Thursday August 8th, 2002
[Osaka's super duper aquarium]

"Mt. Koya" - Wednesday July 31st, 2002
[The foundation of the Shingon sect of Buddhism]

"Gion Festival Etc." - Monday July 29th, 2002
[A few things I did over an 8 day period]

"Himeji Castle" - Sunday July 14th, 2002
[The best castle in Japan]

"Pre-Japan Going Away Party" - Wednesday July 10th, 2002
[Before coming to Japan a going away party was held for Phill]

"Brazil Wins The Cup" - Tuesday July 2nd, 2002
[Phill's history with Brazil and celebration of their victory]

"Phill's Birthday" - Thursday June 27th, 2002
[Phill receives a present that may end up hurting him more than helping him]

"Shirahama" - Thursday June 20th, 2002
[a beach, a castle, and a new king takes the throne]

"Dotonbori River" - Saturday June 15th, 2002
[Saw Japan's dirtiest river and decided to jump in for a swim]

"Kyushu" - Saturday June 1st. 2002
[About my 4 day trip to Kyushu]

"A Few Photos" - Tuesday May 14th. 2002
[Pics of a palace and a couple shrines]

"Yokohama, Kamakura, & PUFFY" - Sunday May 12th. 2002
[My trip to one of the biggest cities in Japan]

"Meriken Park & Koshien" - Wednesday May 2nd. 2002
[Earthquake Memorial & Baseball Stadium]

"Banpaku Park & Osaka Dome" - Sunday April 14th. 2002
[Roller coasters and baseball]

"Kayashima" - Friday April 12, 2002
[The city I now live in after moving from the center of Osaka]

"Sayonara Sandra" - Monday March 25th, 2002
[The last days of one of my coworkers in Japan]

"Early Cherry Blossoms" - Sunday March 24th, 2002
[These are the cherry blossoms that can be seen between my home and work]

"Spring Sumo Tournament" - Friday March 22nd, 2002
[My trip to Osaka's yearly Sumo tournament]

"Plum Blossoms At Osaka Castle" - Tuesday March 12th, 2002
[During the 10 days when plum blossoms are in bloom in Japan]

"Nara" - Saturday March 9th, 2002
[A city with a lot of temples, shrines, and deer]

"Ise Sengoku Mura" - Wednesday February 6th, 2002
[A samurai/ninja theme park full of fun]

"New Years 2002" - Tuesday February 5th, 2002
[Two shrines I went to on and around New Years Day]

"Trip To Osaka Castle" - Monday February 4th, 2002
[A few photos and a little info about Osaka Castle]

"My Life In Ohio" - Friday February 1st, 2002
[Provides a basic overview of my life in Ohio, before coming to Osaka]

"My Life In Osaka" - Thursday January 31st, 2002
[Provides a basic overview of my life in Osaka to date]




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