Halloween Oh Seven

For the second year in a row, Phill took the responsibility of making Halloween worthwhile by having a party at his small apartment. There were even more people this year and just as much fun.

One thing necessary for a good Halloween party are costumes. This year they were mandatory and people came through in style. How about the dead Nova bunny or Super Mario to the left? How about those shiny tight pants to the right?


The other important thing for a good Halloween party are aliens. Our party had 2 "visitors" to help spice things up.

The cherry on top though was fully costumed Wiffle Ball followed by fully costumed karaoke. Of course if you're going to do either of those things properly it's important to have strong bones. The partygoer on the left made sure her bones were ready for the challenge with a liter of milk before the game. Her costume strangthened a few bones around her as well, but that's another story.



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