What's airsoft? Well you know what paintball is right? Well it's like that, but minus the silly paint and inaccurate weaponry. Airsoft guns look and feel exactly like the real thing. Fortunately instead of unloading deadly death upon people the unleash stinging ceramic or plastic pellets of hurt. It's catching on in America [especially in Ohio where it still remains legal.], Canada, the UK, and oh yeah, Japan.

While Phill had never heard of the game back home, he's now played it twice in Japan. He played the first time at an indoor location with two different situational rooms. One a small office, and the second area being a larger warehouse affair. But on Sunday July 16th 2006 Phill took his beef to a bamboo forest in the mountains of Nara. And you KNOW that it was on like Donkey Kong that day.

What makes the Japanese great at airsoft is their penchant for Cosplay [Costume Play], so they looked like real [strangely enough American] soldiers when I rocked up to the venue in the afternoon.

Mike I borrowed my AK-47 from Mike (left) and followed the orders of Taka (right) who is the leader of the Japanese branch of an international unit called Section 8. The result was that I got shot... A LOT. But on the final match of the night it was none other than Young Mr. Evans who captured the flag and brought home the bacon. Hoo Hah!

Some of you may still be wondering what all this Airsoft business is about, or just how crazy the people in Japan (and I take it around the world) get about it. Well Phill recognizes your interest and is hear to sooth your craving for info. CLICK HERE to watch a video of Section 8 playing on the same field Phill did in Nara.


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