Pre-Japan Going Away Party

Before coming to Japan I had a going away party of sorts at my parents house. There were a couple friends who DJ'd, some sad attempts at dancing, some video games on standby, and food and drink for all. Recently W.L.Evans (shown in a picture below where we both have out arms crossed) sent me some pictures that he took that night. Unfortunately these pictures have left out a lot of the people who were in attendance that night, so if you were at the party and don't appear in any of these photos (i.e. Mr. President, Michael Jackson, and the cast of TV's "Saved By The Bell: The College Years") then I hope you will find solace in the fact that most of the people in these pictures have rediculous looks of buffoonery on their faces and you don't have to be subjected to that sort of public ebmarassment.

With that having been said now, here are the pictures:


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