April Showers

When April comes around to the Osaka town, there are two truths wich will be present in the life of young Mr. Evans. Those truths are the Tigers and Cherry Blossoms. Phill went to his first Hanshin game of the year at Osaka Dome [left] on April 9th where the Tigers won 10-5.

That also turned out to be the "memorial game" to celebrate the Hanshin player Kanemoto [also known as Big Brother] playing in his record breaking 904th full game without being out for even an inning. This beat the previous record by Cal Ripkin and there was some show after the game, but being aware of the fact that nobody reading this page could possibly care about the details, Mr. Evans chose to skip the details.

Later that day saw our hero traveling to Sakura No Miya in Osaka for some night cherry blossom viewing, feasting, and drinking with friends.

This year the cherry blossoms were just as cherry, and the people just as cheery. There was the ramen cart that came by [left] and a drunken coworker [right] who was just a little more alive than the rest of us that night.

Below are some other random pictures from the party that night, about half of the people I knew before the night and half I didn't, so it seems my request for people to bring their friends worked out well enough and all was swell.

However some people are not content to simply eat noodles, sip sake, and gaze up at the blossoms. Some people have a primal urge to be amongst the blossoms looking down on the world below. Those people are sometimes called hooligans, but more often than not simply refered to as Colin. He's a man with a somewhat unhealthy fetish for climbing trees, but it's better to embrace other's differences than shun them for it. Climb on Colin, climb on.

The following weekend was a little closer to being low key. I attended a house party with DJing and freestlying and lots of German being spoken. In the end the house asn't big enough to contain all 3 and it spilled out into a nearby bar [right].

The most important thing we've learned here at The Evans Corporation this month is that despite rarely wearing them, young Phill is more than dashing in a pair of UV blocking glasses, no matter what shape or hue. So with that thought in mind, enjoy these last two pictures (as if you could do anything else with em).


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