Return Of The Incredible

So it's been 9.5 months since there have been any updates to this page. Part of that was my PC crashing and part of that was watching Japanese university football teams square off against one another. Yet another part of that was going to see Colin's art displayed at a local festival. He's very creative.

In fact, here's something else he created. The picture on the left is of Kent [1 month] and "Uncle Phill". On the right is a Hillphilly and Bruce Lee.

Good times.


Here's a picture (on the left) that you don't care about. Your ambivalence however does not prevent this building from being Phill's favorite in all of Osaka. It's some sort of crazy (post-apocolpyic looking) apartment building.

The picture on the right is from a Halloween bar hop that Phill attended on October 25th. That was a long, but good night.


Phill also had his annual home Halloween party on the 26th. The theme this year was hot dogs, so it was a Halloweiner Party.

After hot dogs and drinks we set out to the streets and karaoke.

We were quite pleased to run into this group. They were all Japanese and all dressed up for Halloween. It's finally starting to get a little bigger over here and THAT is a good thing.

Of course the return of updates to this site is a good thing as well. I mean, if you didn't have this site to check then you might actually have to talk to me in person or write me a letter or something else crazy like that. Thank goodness for the interment.


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