Kaiyukan Aquarium

On Wednesday August 7th, 2002 I went to the
best aquarium I've ever seen for my 3rd time. It's
in downtown Osaka and it's called Kaiyukan (which
translates into "Playing-in-the-Sea Pavilion"). It
has a lot of large tanks throughout including the
central tank which holds 5,400 tons of water. I
wont go into any more detail then that here
though. For more details check out Kaiyukan's
English home page by clicking the link below.

Kaiyukan Home Page

At left: a Dolphin drinking from a stream of water.

At right: fish. They're eating.

I realize that the pictures I've posted here aren't all that great. My digital camera doesn't really perform well with interference from glass and low lighting, so all of these are pretty bad. If you want better pictures go to the Kaiyukan Home Page or go take your own damnit.

At left: The aquarium.

At right: A view of the
harbor from inside Kaiyukan.

At left: 2 of the friends I went
to Kaiyukan with. Michiko and

At right: the main tank with
a diver inside cleaning it and
all of the large fish conveniently
off camera.

At left: Me and some fish.
They're small. And they're fish.

At right: A tortoise on the
attack. Don't worry though,
I was protected by glass and
tortoises can't move very well
out of water anyway.

Well, despite all the time I wasted attempting to take worthwhile pictures, I had another good time at Kaiyukan and would strongly recommend it for anyone who happens to be in the Osaka area. Especially if you like fish. Because there were a lot of fish there.


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