Xmas, New Years, & Football

This holiday season I went a lot of places and had a lot of fun. Some things I was doing for the first time in my life and others were traditions in my family. One of the things my family always does is get together for Christmas (of course I missed out on this tradition last year since I was in Japan at the time), eat Honey Glazed Ham, and exchange gifts.

(On the left) me and my parents are standing next to our Christmas tree. (On the right) is the Ohio Theatre where I went to watch the Nutcracker Ballet which was very good.

(On the left) are my brother, nephew, sister-in-law, and niece who came up from North Carolina to exchange gifts and spend part of the holiday season with us. (On the right) is a picture of me impressing all the other ice skaters with my blazing speed at the Columbus Zoo which always has thousands of Xmas lights on display for Xmas.

When I wasn't celebrating Christmas I was still making the best of the holiday season and went around to different cities in Ohio to do some sight seeing.

(On the left) is Mac-O-Chee castle in West Liberty, Ohio. This castle was the home of Colonel Donn Piatt who fought in the Civil War for the Union and was also a respected author. (On the right) is the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio which I visited for the first time. There were a lot of interesting exhibits inside and I'd recommend going there to anyone who's a fan of music.

Although the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame was interesting, it wasn't the reason I went to Cleveland [that was only my second time ever to visit Cleveland]. The reason I went to Cleveland was to see the Cleveland Browns vs. the Atlanta Falcons. I'm not a fan of professional football (I only care about college football) but this game was going to be exciting. If Cleveland won the game then they'd have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Another reason the game was exciting was Michael Vick, who is the Quarter Back for the Atlanta Falcons. He's one of the most exciting young players in the NFL and would cause a lot of excitement at Cleveland Browns Stadium as well. As it turned out the game was very good and Cleveland ended up winning by just 7 points which Atlanta had a chance to tie right down to the last seconds of the game.

(On the left) is a picture of the Cleveland Browns football stadium with the city skyline in the background. (On the right) is an old power plant that has been converted into a cluster of restaurants. I ate inside at one of the places that had it's own micro brewery after the game. Yum yum.

(On the left) is a picture I took about 75 feet below the ground inside the Ohio Caverns. (On the right) no holiday season would be complete without karaoke. Adam, Phill, and Kevin are doing their best to keep the spirit of the season (and the Village People) alive.

Of course the highlight of the season for me came on January 3rd, 2003, when my Ohio State Buckeye's defeated the Miami Hurricanes in what is already being called the best national championship game in college football history! Miami was favored to win the game by 14.5 points and hadn't lost any of their previous 34 games (that's the 3rd longest winning streak in college football history). Both teams were undefeated though and while Miami had an awesome offense, OSU had an even more awesome defense and won the game after a SECOND OVER TIME! I can't describe the excitement of that game and I'm not going to try. It'll just have to suffice to say that that was the most exciting sports moment I've ever witnessed and I can't imagine I'll ever have a more exciting sports moment in my life. Go Bucks!

And that about wraps up my holiday season. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Years Eve. And I wish you all the luck in 2003!