OSU vs. Michigan

The best rivalry in American College Football is OSU [the University that Phill graduated from which is located in Columbus, Ohio] versus the University of Michigan. Both teams are usually strong and the competition between them is always intense and close. These two teams only play each other once a year and each year the location switches between the two states. So it's only ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS that we're able to watch this game from the comfort of our own OSU football stadium. One of the largest stadiums in the world, the attendance at the stadium on Saturday November 23rd [the day of the game] was 105,531 people.

This game was even more exciting because OSU was one of only two undefeated teams in the country [there are about 200 teams in American College Football] with a record of 12-0. Michigan was ranked about #10 in the country and looking forward to upsetting OSU. But if OSU could win then OSU would go to the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona on January 3rd to play for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

This was one of (if not the biggest) games to ever be held at OSU's stadium. And the best part of all, I was there to watch it live!

The game started at 12:15pm, but I got on campus about 9:00am to enjoy all of the partying that was taking place. That's me outside the stadium (on the left) and the OSU Marching Band spelling out "Ohio" on the football field before the game (on the right).

The game was VERY exciting from start to finish. In fact, OSU was winning 14-9 with only ONE SECOND left to go in the game. Michigan had the ball and was within range of the endzone. On the last play of the game Michigan threw the ball into the endzone and............ OSU intercepted the ball to win their 13th game of the season [which was the most games OSU ever played in one season]!!!!

(On the left) is the final score as shown on the scoreboard and on the right side of the picture is the dormitory where I lived while going to OSU. (On the right) is a picture of the field after the game as thousands of OSU fans rushed onto it to celebrate.

The entire day was crazy, great, exciting, and fantastic. It was one of the most exciting sports moments I've ever seen or even heard about. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Go Bucks!