Bed & Breakfast In Wakayama

Early in the summer of 2007 Phill went to Wakayama to enjoy a traditional Japanese style bed and breakfast. Wakayama is country. How country? So country they have bridges shaped like frogs. Of course they also have a nice view of the ocean from their trains, so it's kind of hip. A little hip (the sea) hop (frogs) never hurt no one. Except for maybe 2pac and BIG.

The room Phill stayed in was ok except for the bugs that fell on him throughout the night. There was a pit in the room for cooking, so there was an all you can eat, or in Phill's case, a more than he could eat, meal prepared for the guests. Lots of drinky treats as well.

After stuffing his face with food Phill walked off some of the calories in search of lightening bugs which one can't see in the streets of Osaka very often. The little buggers were found and a night was enjoyed. To anyone living here in Japan, along with Akame, Phill recommends a BnB as a good way to relax away from the city.


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