A Visitor From Tokyohio

Living in Japan is cool, but when football season rolls around finding places to watch the big game isn't easy. It was just such a circumstance that brought Lori from Tokyo down to Osaka to watch the Buckeyes beat the Wolverines for the 4th year in a row.

Of course there's no point coming to Osaka and not taking in some of the culture. WIth that in mind we went to roll up our own octopus balls [left] and see if we could squeeze through the small hole at the bottom of this pillar in a temple in Nara.

We also communed with nature both present and prehistoric. The deer were hungry and lucky for us the pterodactyls weren't.

A nice thing about her visit was that I managed to work in a few things I'd never done myself. On of those things was visiting Mt. Hie in Kyoto. I'd read about the history of the temples on the mountain back in University, so it was nice to finally see them in person. It was also the only place in Kyoto at the time at the peak of its fall colors. Let me translate that last little bit for my British readers. It was the only place in Kyoto at the time at the peak of its fall colours.

It seems like all the temples and other excitement took its toll on little Lori as she fell asleep for part of the big game as I and another Ohioan Brad [right] did the classy thing and snapped pictures.

We were able to forgive her sleepy ways though as she taught us how to make Buckeyes earlier that evening. Peanut Butter dipped in chocolate, what could be better? Eating them while watching the Buckeyes beat the team from up North yet again, that's what!


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