Was It Gifu You?


Gifu was one of the prefectures the young Mr. Evans had always wanted to go to, but with all the autographs to sign and all the photo shoots to attend just couldn't get around to. Not until February of 2008 that is.

He saw some traditional buildings in Gero like the one on the left. They have the slanted roofs to support all the snow that falls upon them.

Since it's cold in Gero, it's also a nice place to enjoy a hot spring. Don't have time for a full body bath? Try dipping your hooves in a footbath for a little relaxation.


Like scenery? Cool. Gifu's got lots of that pretty stuff for your peepers. Whether it's snow covered mountains or stony paths through old fashioned buildings, Gifu's got something for the scene lover in each of you.

There are also cool hotels to stay in like this one on the left. This hotel came complete with icy steps of death leading up to its door. If you live through that then you could enjoy their miniature pool table, fake hot spring bath, and drafty breakfast hall. It is in the middle of nowhere though and the scenery was quite nice, so take any hints at sarcasm here with a grain of salt. It was actually all quite nice.

If you like the hot spring water in gero why not hit up this "Hot Spring Stand". What's a hot spring stand? Well it's like a gas stand, but instead of selling gas they sell hot spring water. People rock up in their cars and fill huge drums with the stuff. What do they do with those drums? Good question. Why don't you do a better job of asking somebody who knows the answer though next time.

Perhaps the highlight of the trip for Phill though was this outdoor hot spring. It's cool because it's by a river, under a bridge, and right across from a large hotel. What does that mean? It means that anyone stupid enough to get into this bath will be getting their junk checked out not only by casual passersby, but also by the people staying in the hotel across the way. On a freezing day like the one in this picture, with the snow pouring down, and no change of clothes you'd think Phill wouldn't get into such a voyeuristically accessible bath. You though would think wrong. Phill got into the hot water to relax and then got out to catch pneumonia as he slid into his snow filled under pants and ice cold socks. Phill actually died from that experience and this is merely the young Mr. Zombie Phill writing this out now.

On the real though, you should give it a try some time. It's cool.


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