Singapore & More

Four days, three countries. That's how Phill gets down when he travels around. On the left you can see where he popped into Malaysia for half a day. On the right you can see the view from his friend's apartment in Singapore. BLAMO!

In the summer of 2007, the young Mr. Evans felt the need to get away from it all. He'd up until that point always taken his vacations within Japan. Despite being a small country (compared with the U.S. at any rate) Japan has always had more than enough for him to enjoy; hot springs, mountains, exciting cities, and centuries of history and culture. In 2007 though, Phill wasn't feeling that. He wanted to go some place new. Some place he could explore a bit. Some place he knew nothing about and couldn't find on a map. Thus Singapore.

Another reason to choose Singapore was that Phill has a Japanese friend living in the country, so he had a free tour guide the entire time he was there and a couch to crash on to boot. Thus it was, that the trip was planned and the fun began.

While on vacation, Phill and company (see company sleeping on the left) went around Singapore, Malaysia, and Bin Tan Island in Indonesia. They best part was that they could make fun of people in Japanese and no one was the wiser.

Lots of things went on in those 4 days and in those 3 countries, but the high of relaxation had to be that Indonesian island. With its palm trees, beautiful beaches, and hammocks, the hustle and bustle of the Japanese city life easily went out with the tide.

So if you're feeling stressed, just close your eyes and relive Phill's trip in your mind. Feel the stress slip away... and the envy set in.


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