May Flowers

Arashiyama [Storm Mountain] is in Kyoto and it's and it's the place Phill went by himself on the weekend of the 6th/7th. There he saw some children walking across the Kamo River in their bare feet and foolish followed their lead. Phill reports that the water is cold and rocks do not feel good on bare feet.

What does feel good on bare feet and bare everything else is a hot spring. It was expensive to go and spend the night at the hotel/hot spring, but worth it all.

One suprising thing for Mr. Evans was that a Japanese guy started talking to him in the bath. Phill had always assumed that when sitting in a room with another butt naked man their were two iron clad rules that you must not break. 1.) You don't look in the direction of that man 2.) You don't talk to that man. Phill is happy to report that only the 2nd rule was broken while number one was maintained, rather than the other way around.

The guy was really kind though and Phill drank with him and his family who also gave him a ride back to Kyoto station the next day. So that should remind us all that some rules were meant to be broken [but not that first one]. One thing that you can all be proud of those is that Phill spent over 24 hours speaking with random strangers and all in his second language. Who knows if anyone understood WHAT he was speaking about, but at least the effot was there.

This is the view from Phill's hotel room [left] and the other picture [you got it, on the right] is of a boat. Not just any boat though, a boat in some water. But not just ANY water, some water which Phill saw AND took a picture of. Yes indeed.

If you look below and to the left of the words you a currently reading, you will see a picture of the Misora Hibari Memorial Hall in Kyoto. Apparently she's a really famous/deceased singer in Japan. I'd like to submit this picture for the 1st Annual Most Useless Picture Phill's Ever Posted Contest.

A picture that isn't worthless though is the one to the right. It's of the McDonald's in Kyoto station and I'm not sure if it's true or not, but I think those seats shoot up through the ceiling and into the cockpit of giant fighting robots once the customers finish their meals. I wanted to try buy was in a hurry. Zannen.

Josh is back and he's brought a large plastic bucket full of Gin and Tonic with him. Don't know who Josh is, well guess what, he doesn't know who you are either.

On the right are Phill's new conversational partners. They're teaching him the Osaka dialect. Nandeyanen, right?

So that's the month of May for 2006 [or at least the part of it which goes up to the 7th]. Hope all of you out there enjoy your month of May and can also find a secret enterance to your very own giant fighting robot cockpit.


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