Mwa ha ha ha! Already I've tricked you all because neither of the pictures to either side of this text are from the island of Shikoku as the title of this page suggests. In fact they're both from Okayama where I spent a day before heading over to Shikoku for a few. I went to a hot spring in a small town where I also spent the night at an international villa. You can't really see much, but on the right is the hot spring, behind which was a nice view of a river and some mountains. Boo yah said the nature.

Before leaving Okayama I went to see a famous park which is right next to Okayama castle. Okayama castle is now pretty high on my Things-That-Made-Me-Less-Than-Impressed List.

But then it was off to Shikoku to eat some Udon (pictured on right) which they seem to be famous for.

In Shikoku I climbed Mt. Konpira which is renowned for its steps. But what was cool about my timing was that I got to see a special room with ancient paintings in it that's only open to the public once every 125 years. So wont none of yall that's reading this be seeing it. Guess that's something close to me being better than you.

I also saw another park, Ritsurin Park. It was very parky to say the least and I reveled in its Ritsuringenuity. (sheesh, are you STILL reading this after that line? You'd better be related to me, otherwise there's just no excuse)

Trees were cut all kinds of pretty like, but it wasn't nearly as beautiful as the space dome at Ryoma Land [which is a decaying hole of an amusement park]. I was lucky enough to be 1 of only 20 people let into the park on the day I visited (of course no one else aside from us was foolish enough to waste money going there) and it was great!

I also visited the Kazura bridge which is a creaky wooden bridge suspended over a rushing river which you pay about $5 US to cross [that's me on the bridge looking all stoic]. It was worth the $5 just to see all the other people crossing it screaming and crying.... and of course the beauty of it and all that stuff was cool too.

Then I also hit up the beautiful area of Oboke where I spent the night. The view on the right was from my hotel window and all jokes aside that really was beautiful. That place also had a hot spring so I was relaxed to the max. Then I noticed one of the guys I was bathing with was a Yakuza and then I sorta unrelaxed until I realized he couldn't care less about me. Then it was back to the Max Relax setting.

Also I ate a bunch of food at my hotel. It was scrumdiddlyumptious to say the least [and by this point in my inane ramblings I'm sure you're all too aware of how adept I am at saying the least, at least as far as importance is concerned].

I was going to end this page with some deep and meaningful insights about Japan and the island of Shikoku. But I don't know how many of you out there can handle the depth I'm dealing with, so I've decided to keep all my bountiful insight and wisdom to myself. Better luck next time.



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