In December of 2002 I enrolled in a bartending school to hurry up and get a job now that I'm back in the USA. Since graduation I've only worked one day and have yet to find a full-time job (bartending or otherwise). I've been living a life of unemployment and job hunting ever since. This page is here to let everyone get a behind the scenes look at the life of an unemployed Phill. A glimpse into the monotony that has become my life.

On the left is a picture of my car which I get into every day and drive off in search of work. This past week (January 13th - 17th) I applied for 9 different jobs, so I spent a lot of time in this car driving from place to place. I can't complain though, it certainly beats riding a bicycle or walking in this cold weather (2 days ago the temperature was -22 degrees Fahrenheit with the wind-chill).

When I'm not out driving around then I'm usually at home, since I don't have a lot of money to go out very often without a job. And if I'm at home I'm usually playing with Yaku [on the right].

Also while at home I've been watching a lot of DVDs and playing video games (on the left) and spending a few hours each day reading books in my favorite chair (on the right). So being unemployed isn't all bad.

On the left is my Foosball (AKA Table Soccer) table which I'm currently trying to master the art of. A Foosball table isn't much fun with only one person [you need at least 2 people to play], but luckily I have lots of unemployed friends to play against.

Another place I spend a lot of time is in front of my computer (on the right) just as I'm doing now. Working on this webpage and what not. One of Yaku's favorite napping spots is in my lap as I'm typing on the computer [so I think she's secretly happy that I'm unemployed since it means more naptime in my lap for her].

Unemployment has it's good points (i.e. lots of time for reading and Foosball), but mostly it sucks. So hopefully I'll land a job soon and then the days of Phill's unemployment will be a bad distant memory [kind of like the time I tried to ride my mamachari to lake Biwa]. So wish me luck in the job hunt and hopefully my next post on this page will be about my new job and all the fat bags of cash I'm making at it.