Phill's Birthday

On Monday June 24th 2002 I had my second birthday in Japan (I also visited Japan before in 1998 during my birthday). I took the day off and had a nice relaxing day. I saw the extremely subpar Scorpion King at a theater in downtown Osaka. After that I was treated to a very nice Italian lunch on the 29th floor of a building downtown. And at night I went out to party with a few Japanese friends.

Also on that day I received a Brazilian Soccer Jersey [actually I won the jersey by predicting Germany vs. Brazil in the World Cup Championship Match] the and my first skateboard as presents from friends. The skateboard is a really nice one (considering I don't know how to skate just yet). I've been out to practice with it a few times now, but have yet to master the art of the turn or the difficult stop technique.

I also watched Blade 2 and the Brazil vs. Turkey semifinal game. Both of those were rather enjoyable for me.

I also received a large book about Ryoma Sakamoto and some money from my parents that I've yet to spend. Perhaps the biggest surprise came when I went back to work after my break and found a basket of flowers that one of my students gave me for my 22nd birthday.

It was a birthday away from home, without the usual fanfare, and without the people I normally celebrate the occasion with. None the less there were other great people, places, and things to celebrate with and this years birthday was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make it that way.


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