Nagano is famous for having held the Olympics. Now it will be famous for having the city of Hakuba where Phill Evans first went snowboarding. Why will this city suddenly be thrust into the limelight by the arrival of such an unknown man? Because he's probably the worst snowboarder ever to have snowboarded and that in itself is a claim to fame.

And it's not as if the guy didn't try to do well. He went to the Snowboard School that the hotel offered [pictures above] and spent 2 hours trying to get the basics down.

He even made sure the can he was drinking out of matched his rented ski wear. And he hung out with a local snowman on the mountain to try and pick up some additional pointers to the skills he learned in class.

But in the end, as his snowboot clearly read, he was a snowboarding scrub. THE snowboarding scrub. Not being able to stand up, stop, go, turn, not turn, or do anything much other than fall down the mountain young Phill left a small steam of blood trickling down the slops of Hakuba.

OK, ok, he wasn't that bad. He, by the 2nd day could snowboard down the mountains, it's just that Phill couldn't do it facing forward. It was much easier for him to balance going down backwards which lended itself well to him not seeing other people on the slops and banging his head off of ice covered rocks.

But lost blood and muscle spasms aside, the entire trip was beautiful. The hotel was great and the mountains were breathtaking (especially when you slammed into them backwards at however many miles an hour). The food was hot to trot and the hot springs were even hotter. In fact the hot springs were both indoor and outdoor and 2 days in a row Phill had the outdoor one all to himself. Sitting in the warm sulfury waters looking out over the mountains at other people turned, tumbled, and hurt themselves. It was the ultimate in luxury so far as young Mr. Evans was concerned and it more than soothed his stinging muscles and hurt pride to make the whole trip a success worthwhile of throwing up on to this very internet page.

~El Fin~



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