On Wednesday September 11th, I went to the small town of Kibune which is famous for its eating spots. I don't know whether or not the food is suppose to be especially tasty, but either way the main attraction seems to be the location of the eating spots. You eat over a small river and are surrounded by mountains. It's really peaceful and relaxing and a pleasant repose from the hustle and bustle of city life etc. etc.

Another unique thing I was able to enjoy there was my first "somen" experience. Somen are a kind of tasteless noodles (at least in my opinion they weren't exactly bursting with savory flavor), but the fun part about them is that you get to catch them with chopsticks as they slide down a bamboo tube with running water.

So despite the fact that my food didn't actually have any taste or flavor to it, Kibune's beautiful scenery and the unique experience of catching somen made this one of my favorite meals in Japan.

On the left: the view from my table.

On the right: me catching some
of those tasteless noodles.


And that about wraps things up. There really isn't much more to say about noodles and Kibune, but yeah, I recommend going there to anyone who
is in Japan and hasn't gone yet.


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