Spring Sumo Tournament

Tuesday March 19th, 2002. I went to Namba in Osaka to check out the Spring Sumo Tournament. I went to the first part (with the lowest ranked wrestlers) and stayed about 3 hours. It wasn't crowded at all [as you can tell from the picture to the left] and it was wonderful. I'm already set to go to the Summer Tournament in Nagoya so long as I get the time.

This is the cup that the
winner will recieve.

Here's the program of the
wrestlers that are competing.

The entrance to the gym decked
out with flags for the tournament.

Me and one of the Sumo
hanging before a match.

Another interesting thing at the tournament was the Sumo from Prauge. He's the skinny guy on the right of this picture. Even though I cheered for him he wasn't motivated and didn't win. In fact he lost with amazing speed. Maybe if I make it to the Summer Tournament in Nagoya he'll pull off a win. In the meantime I wont be holding my breath.



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