Golden Week & Wakayama 08

Golden week 08. Not to be confused with Golden Week 07. This years addition included a takoyaki party and a trip to Nara to enjoy a traditional Japanese style inn. Right, the view from said inn.

There was a huge tiger at the temple near the inn where I stayed, but that's nothing compared to finding out you can drink IN THE CAR in Japan without breaking any laws what so ever. Of course you can't drink and drive, but a drink and ride? By all means.


My friend has a 2nd house in Wakayama. I must have written about it sometime previously on this page, but I'm done trying to find out where. If you're a fan of those Where's Waldo books, then maybe you can click through all of the pages of this website trying to find some mention of Wakayama [I gave up after about 4 minutes of looking].

Anyway, the house has a tripple decker bed and a PUFFY poster on the wall. It's in the country and just a short bus and then train ride away from a couple hot springs. Fun times have been had there [this was Phill's 4th time].

Left, cooling off after a bath.

Right, spending sometime at a nearby temple which is so famous Phill forgot the name.

And what's a trip to Wakayama without spending some time by the ocean. How about a sunset? How about Phill murdering people in Monopoly?

Now this stuff didn't actually happen during GW or in Wakayama, but I won't tell if you don't. Left is Mayumi which is a garlic okonomiyaki shop that is YUMMY TO DEATH. Right is a womens world volleyball tournament that was in Nakanoshima. Did you care about either of those things? Well fine, be that way.


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