Thanksgiving 06

As Kent looks on, the bird lays open and ready to be feasted upon. He and his soon to be wife were kind enough to have Phill and company over to their new apartment for an excellent Thanksgiving meal. Chicken, Cornbread, Stuffed Mushrooms, Cranberry Sauce, Beans, Mashed Potatos, Mashed Squash, and Apple Pie with Ice Cream. Oh the joys that food brought to Phill's mouth were too sweet to express. This meal coming after the Buckeyes finishing the regular season undefeated and headed for the NCAA Championship game made this a November to remember for the young Mr. Evans.

This is the apple pie that we ate. I know it isn't exciting to look at and I don't have any funny stories about it. But it was such a delicious thing that I wanted some part of it to linger on somewhere out there. So look upon this picture of a pie and imagine the joy that was Phill's for one brief moment in time.


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