Another Medley Of Activities

The Tigers are fighting there way towards the top of the Central League as we speak. This is also the first year the Central League has had a playoff, so as long as the Tigers finish in the top 3 (out of 6 teams) they'll have chance to win their league and advance to the Japan Series. With these thoughts in mind Phill traveled all the way to Nagoya and the Nagoya Dome to cheer on his team.

All that cheering is enough to make anyone thirsty, so Phill and company headed to the top of a building in downtown Osaka to enjoy a beer garden. That's all your can eat and all you can drink for about $30 U.S. Yum yum son.

The street Phill lives on plays host to part of a parade in the summer. The parade is part of Osaka's famous Tenjin Festival and many sights and sounds are to be had and beheld right from Phill's balcony.


For a street level view though Phill went to his friend's soon to be open bar on the corner where he could watch the events in leisure (left).

Phill also went to Tokyo to watch his friends DJ recently. (right)


The two DJs (above right) have been viewed by Phill many times here in Osaka, but managed to put on their worst performance ever up in Tokyo. Despite being their worst, it was still good enough to listen to and the fact that Phill's best friend Lori is now living in Tokyo made the trip worthwhile. Those two showed off their moves on the dance floor and it quickly became evident that Phill in fact has no dance moves or any right to be out on a dance floor.

A place Phill does belong is ringside at a boxing match. Especially when he gets the tickets for free. He also belongs along the river with his ex coworkers/friends from Nishiumeda.

He DOES NOT belong stripped down to his boxers swimming in one of Osaka's many dirty rivers late at night. However during some Auzzie Rules Footy Phill had the misfortune of kicking his associates precious ball into that river and felt obliged to retrieve it. After trying to fish it out with sticks and the like, with the current taking it further from the shore, Phill was left with no choice but to go in after it himself.

That made the 3rd time Phill has been in the dark dirty waters of an Osaka night. For anyone trying to do the math, that's 3 times too many.

When were the first 2 times? Oh, CLICK HERE for that story.

Yes, it's the 3rd year in a row that Phill has gone to the somewhat small Ibaraki Festival. But it was good again this year, mainly because of the Takoyaki (octopus dumplings) Sandwich Cracker he ate.

Of course a jump around inside the Gamba Osaka [Osaka's local soccer team] jump arena would have made the night even more memorable, but unfortunately that thing is for kids only.

Speaking of kids, Phill has took on the Summer Kids Program at work where he taught the kids how to make their own tambourines and then bang the hell out of them while screaming the words to "the farmer in the dell" at the top of their lungs. What did the kids learn from that project? Why that the cheese stands along of course.


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