February 24th to March 31st, 2007

On February 24th Travis came down to Osaka for some good times. He made a face very similar to the one he's making in the picture to the left when he found out he spent 2 hours in a gay bar without knowing it. The bright colors, Cher songs, and of course, all the gay people may have tipped your average fellow off. But if Travis were merely average... well then he wouldn't be Travis.

Speaking of above average, the dancing that my coworkers did on March 31st at karaoke was certainly that. I mean can you even look at those moves without trembling?

Now one thing Trav and I always like to do when we get together is mash rice into sake. On Feb 25th we did just that on our tour of sake factories where we taste tested our selves into a good mood. A good mood for wild boars, plum blossoms and costume changes that is!


Of course free samples weren't enough for the tour at hand. Taking advantage of the ability to drink in public, there was also a one drink minimum in between our sake factory visits. What do YOU think the people on the right are looking at? No really, I don't know. Tell me. Please. Please?

March 24th marked the end of a local band Yuuhi. Their final concert was full of tears and cheers, just like the 27th when cake was brought out for Colin and Yoshiko's joint birthday celebration. Woo Hoo and Boo Hoo if one can imagine.

March 30th saw the young Mr. Evans enjoying cherry blossoms along the riverside of Kayashima. But cherries shmeries right? What people really care about is food [and I know what you're thinking, and to answer your thought, NO cherries do NOT count as food, just as a flavor of lip gloss]. So with a thirst for flesh that would be considered illegal in other countries [much like the wandering around with alcohol mentioned above] Mr. Evans went to a local restaurant. And what did he find? Well he found himself some freshly harpooned whale flesh and he gobbled it down. Looks like that kid in the movie emancipated Willy just in time for dinner. Yum yum.

There was a sunset that evening. It was perty just like the picture I took of it.

And if you dear reader happened to be wondering what ever happened to the plum blossoms I mentioned approximately 40 lines ago, well they're on the right. They overlooked Kobe.

And somebody overlooked the Hanshin Tigers on March 31st and that somebody's named the Hiroshima Carp who got mauled at the Osaka Dome [in a very close game that in no way resembled a mauling].

Later that night there were goodbye speeches.

Goodbye speeches that YOU don't care about. And oh look, here's a picture of some of Phill's coworkers. I bet you don't care about them either do ya? You don't care about anyone but yourself! Selfish reader! I bet you didn't even read this webpage out loud so that the people around you could hear. I bet you didn't forward this to anyone to share the joy that this page produces in abundance. I bet you want to keep this page all for yourself so that you're the only one reading it and no one else can share in its myriad pleasures. Well congratulations dear reader, because without a doubt, you are the only person reading this diatribe. I hope you're happy.


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