Golden Week 2007


Golden week is a golden holiday in Japan and this year I actually had it off. I spent it well going to house parties of people I didn't know (left) and attending traditional Japanese events that I couldn't possibly follow like the Rakugo (right) event I saw. A kind of traditional Japanese comedy.


And let's not forget the wedding I went to! Who are the people getting married? No, I'm asking YOU. I don't know. But they have some connection to my local bar. The couple on the far left of the left photo are the bartneder and the owner of said bar. You should go there. It's nice.


OK, I didn't spend my time doing purly rediculous things. I also went to Okayama by Bullet Train which makes me cool. I took one of those peddle boat things along the river in front of Okayama Castle and bonded with the nature there in. I also stayed at an international villa out in the middle of nowhere. They have a hot spring there and nothing else. So lots of relaxation was had. Also took a day trip to Kurashiki which is famous for its well preserved buildings, its canal, and its museums. Behold the photos below.



Swan in the canal.

Pictures of both.

Kurashiki also has it's own micro beers which are good when drunk from the top of steep steps overlooking the well preserved streets below.

Culture note:

That's a a cartoon racoon on the banner I'm holding in the picture to the right. Can you find anything disturbing about that picture? Yep, that's culture. Take a note.


There was also a nice little shrine in Kurashiki. Um.... I dunno. It was nice, not much more to say about that.


There were turtles in a pond and dogs on the roof of a shop that sold things equally as junky as the dogs on top of the shop.


At the international villa I met a dude from the UK named Bob. We practiced our picture posing for hours on end and the final result was the picture on the left.

The villa also outlawed alcohol, thus the "carrying out prohibition" sticker on this book. Which was mistranslated into Japanese as "taking this book is prohibited".

The golden highlight of my Golden Week though had to be this cool toilet / sink / shower combo. What a space saver. I could have my daily constitutional, brush my teeth, and shampoo my hair all at the same time. Not as easy as it sounds, but well worth the time I saved. Finding this bueaty was well worth reliving the 1920s and putting up with prohibition all over again.


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