Brazilian Show

Every once in a while Phill will be invited to something that he didn't even know existed. This happened in the summer of 2006 when he was asked to join his teacher (from a free Japanese class he occasionally attends) and her Philippino friends at a Brazilian Restaurant. The restaurant was supposedly all kinds of elegant and supposedly a show was to follow the meal.

Upon arrival at the palatial restaurant [shown on left] Phill saw the truth of his teacher's words. The rest of the night would not disappoint.

BRBeef These are pictures of some of the food Phill ate that night. Suffice it to say that the food was yummy and fit well inside his tummy.

There was also a crazy show after the meal as promised. All sorts of music was performed by a live band [mostly 80's American Pop for some reason] as foreigners (very few of which were actually Brazilian it turns out) danced around in costumes which ranged from the Carnicalesque to Power Rangers. None of it really made sense, but it sure as hell made fun.


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