New Years 06~07

One way to assure that you enjoy the new year is to get off the floor you've been sleeping on for the past 3 years and buy a bed. With my parents help for X-Mas I did just that. It's half sofa, half bed, and completely fantastic.

What is that picture above and to the right? Well, that's a well. It's the well outside one of my Japanese teacher's homes. Do you have a well outside your home? See, THAT'S why I took a picture of it.

On the 29th of December I went over to my good friend's place for a Taco and Cheese Fondue Party. It was delicious and fun.

It was also filled with people playing small instruments.

In addition to eating well I was able to see some people whom I hadn't seen in over a year, like Luke and Maki here to the left. Man that boy can sing.

Of course, the holidays are also about hanging out with people you see all the time to. Like Kent who tried his disillusioned hand at some DJing over at another friend's home. And what would any good DJ and drinking affair be without the complement of some wooden panels for the guests to graffiti on?

So yeah, my New Year's was something like that. How was yours?


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