Hikone, Hikone
where the nights are lonely
and the women bony,
in the winter sky
the white swan's fly
and the wind whispers "if only"

That's a famous poem about Hikone [and by "famous" I mean I wrote it just now and it's based on no actual facts about the town of Hikone as a result of my knowing nothing about the town].

I do know that there's a cool castle there and I saw it and took the two photographs to either side of this text.

There was also this swan swimming around in the castle moat.

As mentioned above my knowledge of Hikone is nil, but fortunately on my rounds of the castle grounds I met an elderly fellow who wanted to practice giving an English language tour for the UMichigan students that were going to be visiting the next day. So he told me all about the little details of the castle and Hikone's history and I in returned tried to impress upon him why Michigan is an evil place and that he should be wary of the miscreants that support the devil's football team and were soon to be in his presence.

Something I do know about though is my new coworkers at my new branch [where I've been working since April of 2005]. For instance I know that the one's in this picture are (from left to right, top to bottom) Mike [UK], Matt [USA], Yukari [Japan], and Emily [Auz]. And I know that they along with my other coworkers are what one might call "good people" and that when called such I would be obliged to shake my head in confirmation of said statement.

So the work front is still kosher as a result.

Now it's time for this page to say "Peace Out", Yukari style.


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