Back In Osaka

Monday March 15th, I'm back in Osaka Japan and getting back into the swing of things over here. I've already moved out of my Senbayashi apartment and found a place on my own in Umeda [which is one of the two centers of the Osaka downtown area]. The picture on the right shows the view from my balcony.

I'm currently teaching at the Senri Chuo branch of NOVA [shown on the left] and all's well on that front too.

As expected my new place is just one room and everything's piled on top of everything else [left].

Midway through February I got to meet up with Aki, from the House Of Japan, in Kyoto.

On the 11th of March I went to see Super Kabuki Shin Sangokushi 3 at the theater in downtown Osaka [left]. It was my first time to see any sort of Kabuki and it was pretty fantastic. Set in China during the 3 kingdoms period there was all sort of explosions, water effects, kung fu flipping, and wire work. And all of the costumes were pretty fantab as well. The only disappointment was that the star, Ennousuke, was sick that day and didn't perform. But we received an autograph picture of him as a consolation prize of sorts.

I went to see the plum blossoms in Osaka Castle Park again this year [right]. For more pictures from last year you know where to go.

[left] Me, Travis, and Yoichiro at the first Hanshin Tigers vs. Yomuri Giants game of the year. The Tigers won that game 10-3. And on the right is me and Travis throwing down on the taiko drumming game in Umeda.

Travis is moving to Tokyo in a couple weeks, so we had to have one last battle of wits in the throw-flying-balls-into-the-pigs-mouth-game [left]. On the right is the proof that I'm no longer a loser, that's me and the Monkey Pooh I won from a UFO catcher. My first ever victory over that infernal contraption.

I've also been staying active on my days off hiking around places like Mt. Tennou which was one of Toyotomi Hideyoshi's famous battle grounds [left]. And visiting my local parks, like Ryokuchi Park [right] which is near the Senri-Chuo school that I teach at.

This is really a quick overview of my first month and a half here. However, the reader should get a pretty decent idea of what it's been like thus far. If you're still clamoring for more pics though, I have updated my picture page as well. There you'll find a pretty plum blossom pic, a photo of my favorite restaurant, and a more detailed picture of the pig game.

Speaking of the pig game, it's probably the best game I've ever played in my life. It only cost 100 Yen to play [about $1 U.S.], two people get to play it at the same time, and you get a little toy prize as long as your collective score reaches 50 points. So to anyone reading this that might be in Japan or plans on visiting Japan. Make sure you get to Umeda in Osaka and go to Hep5 just as fast as your feet will carry you so you too can enjoy the pig-alcious splendor.

That's all for now. More pig-tacular news as it happens.


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