It has occurred to me that while people back in the states may be interested in "My Life In Osaka" the people I'm meeting here in Japan would be more interested in what my life was like back in the states. So here I've constructed a partial overview of sorts for those people. So here's a glimpse into:

My Life In Ohio

I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus is the 15th largest city in America and has a population of about 3 million. Columbus is the capital of Ohio. Coulmbus has a professional hockey team (Coulumbus Blue Jackets), a professional soccer team (Coulmbus Crew), one of the largest universities in America (OSU), and on the 3rd of July is home of the largest fireworks display in the Midwest (Red, White, & Boom).

I attended The Ohio State University. OSU has a huge student population that ranges between 50,000 and 60,000. This makes it either the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd largest University in the country depending on just how many students are enrolled.

I graduated from OSU with a major in Comparative Studies and a minor in International Studies (East Asia).

The picture to the left is of "The Oval" which is the heart of OSU's main campus.

In addition to its academics, OSU has a huge athletic following. To the left is a picture of "The Horseshoe", OSU's football stadium. Since this picture was taken "The Shoe" was renovated and is now even larger. It now seats over 102,000 people and is usually full on Football Saturdays.

The picture also shows what is known as "Script Ohio" which is the longest running tradition in marching band history.

Speaking of OSU, here is the house of two OSU Alumni (my parents). They now live in Dublin, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) and are currently taking care of my cat for me.

In addition to taking care of my cat, they also hosted Christmas for my mothers side of the family this year. There were over 30 people there for Christmas, including my brother (Matthew), his wife (Carey), and their children (Noah and Hannah). My brother (who is a Christian pastor) and his family are now living in Durham, North Carolina.

Here is a picture of my nephew (Noah) and my niece (Hannah). They both agree that I'm their favorite uncle on the Evans side of their family (they've never actually said that, but you can tell).

And this is a picture of my place of residence. The door underneath the American flag is mine. It's located on the border of Dublin and Columbus.

Currently two of my friends, Kevin and Bob, are living at my place while I'm in Japan.

This is my cat, Yakuza (or Yaku for short). This picture was taken at my parents house where she spends most of the day looking out of this window at the birdfeeder beyond.

Of course this is by no means a complete view of my life in Ohio. I am lacking pictures however to post all of that (for example I don't have anything about my friends up here, aside from the fact that two of them are living at my place). However, this should suffice in giving one a general overview of my life in Ohio.

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