Sasebo Burger & So Forth

So this information isn't going to make your toes pop, whistle, and shine iffin you aren't living in the Osaka area of Japan. But if you are living in Osaka [or don't mind making the trip to Umeda] well then my friend have I got a taste sensation for you.

The place is called Log Kit, but is also known by its most famous menu item, the Sasebo Burger. Originating in Kyushu the Sasebo Burger is as big as Phill's head (and we all know how that things grown over the years). And the taste matches the size. It's got a toasty little bun crammed with a burger, 2 slices of cheese, lettuce, tomato, fried egg, and strips of bacon. It also has 2 or 3 different sauces slathered on there. It wont just make you fat, it'll make you fat AND happy. [Location: 1st floor Dai Ichi Biru]

Speaking of food, and I do believe we were, I went to a BBQ the other day. We fried up some animal innards, chicken legs, onions, pumpkins, tofu, mushrooms, and so forth. It was, you know, tasty. Like food ought to be.

After that we played some whiffle ball followed by fireworks. It was a moment of Japanese summer wrapped up in charcoal smoke and mosquito repellent and preserved for ever, if not in my head, then at least on this page.

Q: And what would an Osakan summer be without the Tenjin Festival?
A: It would just be an Osaka smmer. Because the letters "u" and "n" are used to spell "fun", and without the Tenjin Festival an Osakan summer would be no fun at all.

So I and Colin [the guy with the fireworks above and to the right of these here words] made good on our promise to enjoy it. We got separated by crowds and police though during the fireworks and in an attempt to constantly upgrade my vantage point I watched the sporadic display (about 50 would go off and then stop for a minute or two) from about 8 different locations spread along one of Osaka's main thoroughfares. It was interesting way to watch the display, but it did mean I missed out on the ambiance of street vendors and the boats in the river [the boats are kind of what set the Tenjin Festival apart from other summer festivals].

The final thing I've been doing with my time is watching The Color Of Money and trying to emulate the character of Vince in it (although I'd settle for being a Fast Eddie). So I've been hanging out with Alex [left] and Scott and teaching them why it's better to be humble by... well you know, humbling them.

So that's my life in a snapshot or two. Fireworks, pool halls, and huge burgers. I know what you're thinking. Osaka, Ohio, what's the difference with pastimes like that? It's just that all the flower arranging classes in Kyoto were full and my Judo has become so deadly that nobody will spare with me.


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