Banpaku Park & Osaka Dome

On Wednesday April 3rd I went to Banpaku Park (which had the famous, yet super strange, statue on the left) in the morning and Osaka Dome (on the right) in the evening.

Banpaku Park is also next to a small amusement park called ExpoLand where I got to ride a floorless roller coaster with no shoes on and go to a petting zoo with exotic animals like cats and dogs.

The Tower Of The Sun [I think that's what it's called] on the left represents the future with the top gold face and the past with the middle white face...

...and the present with the black sun face on the backside. It was made by a famous Japanese artist whose name I can't remember at the moment.

On the right is a picture of ExpoLand which had cherry blossoms and tons of flowers in full bloom.

I also got to play the 'catch fish with a paper shovel game'.

And at night I saw the Osaka Buffalos beat the Lions 11-7 (or something like that). One of the Buffalos star players is Tuffy Rhodes who is from Ohio [in 2001 he tied the all-time Japanese Home Run record].

The Osaka Dome was pretty cool as far as stadiums go (although the green carpet for a field didn't do anything for me) and I was quite impressed that they had KFC girls that walked through the crowd hawking chicken to fans. The picture above and to the right is the 7th inning stretch where everyone let's their balloons fly. Of course they stole that idea from the Hanshin Tigers, but it still looks cool.


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