October 31st is my favorite holiday. Halloween! We get to dress up in costumes, eat lots of candy, enjoy the fall weather (my favorite season), and go to lots of parties. What could be better?

I wont go into all the history of Halloween on this page, but if you're interested in that go to the following page which has a pretty good and short history of Halloween (this page also gives an origin for jack-o'-lanterns which some may find interesting even if they already know where Halloween comes from):


For Halloween of 2001 I was in Osaka Japan (I'd only been there for a month at that time) and I ended up going to the Loop Line Party. I went by myself, but quickly made friends and had a great time.

For those of you who don't know, the Loop Line is a train LINE that makes a LOOP (thus the name) around the city of Osaka. For the party everyone dresses up in costume and then meets at a designated platform. Then all the costumed miscreants pile onto the same train whooping and hollering.

Then at each stop the train makes everyone runs yelling and screaming out of their train car and must then scramble around and enter a different car. This causes lots of confusion and mayhem and makes it virtually impossible for any "normal" passenger to get where they're going to without a little extra effort for the day.

Click on the following link to read about the 2001 Loop Line Party (whoever's webpage it was had the two above pictures of me on it):


In 2002 my Halloween changed a bit since I was back in Ohio. I went to a Pumpkin Show, watched some scary movies, and then went to a costumed dance party. I wore a Tengu costume (seen on right) and had a good time, even without the trains, mayhem, and hollering.

Two good years in a row, half a world apart. That's why Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year.