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One cool thing about switching jobs, aside from working less, and therefore making less, is that you get to do cool things from time to time at work while actually getting paid for it. For example you might get paid to wear a leisure suit and a lay. Or you might get paid to rip your shirt and then drip rotting flesh from your mouth as my coworkers did. Thank goodness for change and thank goodness for Halloween.

Phill decided to play it down a bit and he simply went to work dressed as a Hanshin Tigers fan. But that didn't stop him from pretending two small paper skeleton legs were growing out of his eyebrows (see picture below to comprehend this last sentence).


a That didn't mean he didn't have any fun though. When hordes of children are forced to play the toilet paper mummy race game, well it doesn't really matter what you're wearing. You're guaranteed to enjoy it just the same (unless you're wearing tightly wound toilet paper and are having trouble breathing).


m Yes, the spirit of Halloween can make people do strange things. Embalm your classmates in toilet paper or even try to to put together a paper skeleton wearing a blindfold while people yell at you in your second language (pic on right). The biggest magic was that this little lady was able to endear Harry Potter (terrible books) to Phill for a brief moment in time. Tell me that costume isn't precious (pic on left).


But the thing I need to thank the spirit of Halloween the most for this year was this kid on the left. Or more accurately his parents. Because his parents thought it would be awesome to dress their Japanese son up like Honest Abe for Halloween and guess what parents.... you were RIGHT!

After work ended the party had to go on and so it did. At Phill's abode none the less. About 25 people were over to Phill's shoe box for the festivities. Unfortunately Phill's Pepper-O-Lantern (pic on right) didn't last long enough to make it to the party, but lucky YOU reading this page. YOU get to see the picture and enjoy the magic.


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Now some of you may be looking at the picture of Phill here wondering "WHAT THE HELL KINDA COSTUME IS THAT SUPPOSE TO BE?!" Well it's a play on words and the only other hint I can give you is that the "P" Phill's wearing doesn't stand for Phill. If you care to venture a guess and see if you're right, send your answer(s) to:


Before you do that though, finish reading about the awesomeness of Phill's party. At the end of the evening Phill and 15 others went to a local park that was lighted and everyone played wiffle ball in their costumes. Perhaps that will become a yearly event.

OK, you're done reading about the awesomeness of Phill's party. Feel free to send your "I think Phill's stupid costume is THIS" answers to the above e-mail address now.


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