Mansfield, St. Patrick, & Bartending

March 17th, 2003 Phill and his friends went out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. They made sure they wore a lot of green [so no one would pinch them], grabbed a few beers, and proceeded to pretend they were Irish late into the night. A good time was had by all.

March 23rd, 2003 Phill drove to Mansfield, Ohio for his grandmother's birthday party and to see some of the sights along the way.

(On the left) is Phill and his grandmother enjoying her birthday bash.

(On the right) are some of the flowers in bloom inside the green house at Kingwood Center [a nice park in Mansfield].

When not out partying or smelling flowers, Phill can be found at this Japanese steak house [6 days a week]. (On the left) is Phill behind the bar plying his trade.

(On the right) is the eating / cooking area of the restaurant.

With all these things going on Phill still finds time to commune with nature. These last two photos are of Phill at Hoover Dam [not the famous one, the one in Ohio] feeding both the geese and his soul.