Maki & Luke's Wedding

Look at the picture on the left. On the far left is a girl. 4th from the left is a boy. About 3 years later you have the picture on the right with them as husband and wife. As you can see from the picture on the left it wasn't the people with the bowling ball pregnancies, but rather my bowling ball breasts that sparked their love.

Since I and my round orbs of loving got these two off down the path to baby making it was only natural that they invite me to the wedding. It was a pretty good one if I do say so myself. Delicious food, fancy setting, excellent music, and of course incredibly intelligent guests. The groom Luke even played a song live for Maki the bride. That of course led me to wonder where my damn song was, but since it was their "special day" I let this obvious slight slide. Ungrateful little... I mean really, do they think they could have made that love connection if they hadn't seen me put my lips to those 3 holed spheres of pleasure? Humph!

Speaking of intelligent guests, Kent and Kayoko were there as well not only smart in the head, but smartly dressed as well. They helped liven things up just like I helped contribute pictures to the slide show Maki's friends made for her [on the right, that's a picture of Luke and I].

Supposedly I also helped with my terrible translation of Luke's Father's speech into Japanese, but that's questionable considering all the parts I skipped and left out. Slides and terrible translations aside I think we can all agree the symmetry of my bowling ball breasts [or 3Bs as I like to call them] really did the trick. So on this Day of Valentine let them be a beacon to you all. May the shine of those balls spark a flame in your heart to rush out to the one you love and put a gleam in their eye and a smile on their face. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Happy bowling ball breast viewing as well.


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