It was my friend Chi's birthday this past weekend and she was all about eating Thai food for her special day. And Thai food was in fact eaten. But what was also thrown into the mix was some Takoyaki madness.

Takoyaki is a famous dish from
Osaka. It's famous for being tasty
and man that aint no lie. Who would
have thought octopus thrown in
batter and fried up could taste
so good? And who would have thought it'd be so fun and freaking difficult to make?

Guess what isn't a surprise though. Cake. Cake is delicious and who would have known? Anyone in their right mind of course. Apparently I wasn't born in my right mind though because I didn't like cake as a child. But as I've grown into a man I've left such childish dislikes far behind and cake is sitting at my right hand where it rightfully belongs. And we've been making up for lost time.

PUFFY once sang Cake Is Love and they hit the tasty nail right on its frosted head with that track. What does this rant about cake have to do with that party? Um... well..... we had cake at that party. Don't believe me? Just pop your peepers on the picture to the left. And with that I rest my cake.... case.


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