A Medley Of Activities

Matt of Itami teaching fame was back in Japan for a short while that made Phill smile. Those two rock the karaoke box.

Everyone was rocking out at Kayoko's birthday party as well.

Who's Kayoko? She's the girl on the left eating chocolate. She's also Kent's wife. Who's Kent? He's the dude that has mastered the art of posing for pictures. Look at the picture to the right and try to argue against that statement. See! You can't!

The birthday was held at a Cuban restaurant in Osaka and it was scrumdiddlyumptious.


Phill also enjoyed his yearly visit to the sumo tournament held each Spring in Osaka.

Not as much as he enjoys hanging out with Dr. Fan Man though. That guys awesome.


To the left is one of Dr. Fan Man's friends. Can you guess why he's so tall? Are you guessing it's because he was a member of the Japanese Olympic Basketball team back in the 70's? Well then you're guessing right.

Phill is an athlete deserving of gold in his own right. At sports day the kids ganged up on him and threw water balloons at a defenseless Phill. The ones that broke weren't so bad, the were somewhat refreshing on a rather hot day. The ones that didn't break? Those just hurt.

The unbreakable balloons didn't hurt half as much as loosing the sack race and the tug-o-war though.

Phill redeemed himself in the water balloon toss though so that he was able to hold his head up high when the final group photo was taken that day.

Yep, that's all some stuff that happened in the Spring. Exciting eh?


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