My New Apartment [Room 510]

I just moved places again. I'm still in the same building I just moved to a better (read, slightly bigger, much more expensive) place. My magical land of happiness and relaxation, Room #510. So for any of you who wish to send me cash for whatever reason my new address is:

Phillip Evans
Takechi Mansion Oimatsuchoo #510
4-11-8 Nishitenma Kita-Ku,
Osaka-shi Osaka-fu,
530-0047 Japan

The pictures here are all pretty self explanatory, but I would like to point out that in the two pictures above, the yellow building in the background is a love hotel, so that really adds a lot of ambiance. Also I've got a small table now where I can eat on the balcony, and my bath and toilet are in separate rooms. A must for me while in Japan.

So to all my fans out there, fear not. Mr. Evans is alive and well and living properly (over-pricedly) in the middle of downtown Osaka, Japan. Word is bond.



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