A Visit From Chiba

In mid March my Pen Pal from Chiba visited me in Osaka. We had met once before in Japan [in Yokohama] and this time it was up to me to be the tour guide and show her (left) all the sights, sounds, and tastes the Kansai has to offer. So we focused on 3 major cities [she'd been to Kyoto before so we left that off our list of places to go since she only had 3 days to spend here].

First we went to Nara and saw the deer and Todaiji (building on left, great Buddha within on right).

After that we began our Osaka tour, with the aquarium (left) and lots of local food to boot. We also saw crazy signs like the one on the right which is to prevent smoking and reads "Before passing gas I look behind me. But I don't bother when I'm smoking." Genius.

And what would a trip to Osaka be without a trip to Osaka Castle? Why it wouldn't be a trip to Osaka at all, that's what.

Of course there's all the little details of places we scurried and scampered to, but I wont bore the reader with all those mundane banalities.

Instead I'll skip to our visiting Kobe where we went to Meriken Park, China Town, and also up to the top of Mt. Rokko. We even saw a waterfall that I hadn't seen before on our way down (right).

And to keep it interesting for me we also went to a completely new place to me, the foreign section of Kobe which had country themed houses (like Denmark House on the left) and old decaying foreign buildings (on the right).

All in all it was a pleasant enough visit and a good time was had on both ends of the stick. To anyone out there that plans to do some pond hopping and visiting me during my stay here in Osaka, you may very well see some of these same sights and sounds [not the foreign section of Kobe though for obvious reasons], so keep that in mind and start a list of what strikes your fancy.


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