My backyard is covered in snow (picture on left) and for someone who doesn't ski or snowboard, outside isn't the place to be during an Ohio winter. So what better way to spend your weekend than in the warm and cozy confines of a Nerdfest hosting home.

What is Nerdfest? It's a kind of party where people bring their computers together to link up and play video games all night long. To keep ourselves awake we drink lots and lots of caffeine packed Mt. Dew. Not that any of us would consider falling asleep when there's so much fraggin to do and so little time to do it in.

On Saturday January 25th of 2003, I went to a friends house for some all night Nerdfesting. I arrived late (around 7:45pm) and left early (at 4:10am), but was still able to squeeze in plenty of embarrassment for my less talented and easily defeated friends/opponents. There were about 20 computers there that night and plenty of people, so it was a jam-packed, funtastic, rollicking romp of a good time. Look at the pictures below and try not to cry when you realize that you weren't there to join in all the reindeer games.

Sidenote: The games of choice that evening were Quake 3 (especially the Urban Terror mod), Vietcong, Soldat, Serious Sam 2, and if your name happens to be Jonas, Air Raid.