Coworkers Convey Consistent Congeniality

Coming back to Japan to work for the same company I knew what to expect out of the job and I knew I'd be able to slide back into that easily enough and enjoy it. The real X-Factor was the coworkers though. I had an amazing group of coworkers last time (most of whom I still keep in touch with) that really made my experience gel. What was in store for me on my second time around? Would I be stuck with a bunch of derelicts? Well, yes, in fact I would, but definitely the good kind of derelicts and they've made coming back seem like the right choice for sure, even when they pin me down at the bowling alley and beat the piss out of me (right).

Of course the worst part about meeting quality people is saying good-bye to quality people. So I have to give a big shot out to all the people who've passed through and left something sweet and effervescent behind. [Left: Kento who moved schools, Greg, & Liz Right: Mark & Erin, all of which have returned to Canada]

Kento "I'm so disillusioned".
Liz "BRUTAL!" "Who SAYS that?" & the always classic "As if."
Erin "Get it inta ya" & "Nande Ya Ne"

Another big contributor who's come and gone was Nessa [Left] who's crass sense of humor was beyond priceless. The good news is Barry's still here with his crass sense of humor [Left]. And I can't forget my peeps who went to the fake OSU (in some state called Oregon) Cara [that's pronounced CARE-A, FYI] and her hubby Ben [Right].

Barry "Hello! McFly!" "A bucket of ice has a higher I.Q." (and too many more to put on just one webpage)
Cara "I kid" & "Comeon people, work with me."

And what would my life be like if I didn't have Clive (aka Mr. International Lover in the Diesel shirt) to be a butterfly, Josh to cook for me, or Luke to sing Desperado at karaoke? [Josh & Luke on Right]

Not half as fun, tasty, or pleasant sounding, that's what it'd be like.

Clive "Fannytastic"
Josh "I'm huuungry" & "I do apologize" (also famous for singing Alicia Keys tunes loudly in public places)

JP may look like fool with his finger in the camera and someone elses finger up his nose, but that's just not the case [Left]. He's got more brains than a gluttonous zombie. And as far as good looks go, just check out the kissers on the Right [Briggs, Jo, & Yours Truly].

Jo "Who stole my watch?" & "ERIIIIIIIN!"
JP [aka Lt. Dangle] "Real gangstas dont flex nuts, cause real gangstas know the got em" & "What's up Colonel?" (which is his nickname for me. Perhaps because I have 11 herbs and spices mixed into each tasty lesson that I teach? Or is it because he thinks I'm finger-licking-good? I honestly don't know and honestly don't WANT to know.)

I'd like to take this time to send a big "hootie hoo" out to my favorite Kiwi, Nyree, whom I didn't have any good pictures of at the time of this page's posting [none that properly captured her amazing allure and picturesqueness]. NZs favorite daughter, always doing Helen Clark proud.

And while we're throwing in people we don't have pictures of I'd also like to shout out Susan and Mel who are both cool and fun to work with as well. I hear tell that Susan has a webpage out there somewhere, so perhaps in the future we'll roller rink & sausage link that up on here.

Two more people that make the magic so magical would have to be Rene aka the Mad Scientist aka Mr-My-Parents-Named-Me-After-Someone-They-Hate and the thunder from down under, Marcel [Left].

All in all, it's gotta be something like Sly said, "A Family Affair".

And my job here just wouldn't be done without this one last QUOTE:
Rene "That's/He's/She's/It's atrocious"

To anyone that was left off this page, much love, and uh.... better luck next time.



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