Sakura Season Again

On Thursday April 8th, 2004 the cherry blossoms in Kyoto were blooming beautifully and Mr. Phill Evans was not to be denied the pleasures of the eye. So he and Mariko set forth to feast their pupils on the myriad multitudes of magnificent marveloussness that the former capital city had to offer.

They were not to be disappointed.

There were birds in the cherry trees singing away (above) and the grounds of Kiyumizudera (right) were splendiferous as well. For the first time they also visited the WW2 Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier (below center) and gasped in wonder and awe.

Beauty abounded.

But for all it's splendor and unabashed beauty, Kyoto couldn't hold a candle to what the two were soon to see. For the next day [Friday] the two were to sally forth and set out for the most famous cherry blossom viewing spot in all of Japan, majestic Yoshino.

3 hours each way on the train (at a round trip cost of close to $30) and both the time and money were well spent. The pictures that follow don't even begin to do justice to the Eden that was forever scorched into their hearts and retina.

By the by, anyone who's interests include a love of big wooden buildings, will be intrigued to know that the wooden temple (on the 2nd row above, on the far left) pictured is the 2nd largest wooden building in all of Japan. It's 2nd only to Todaiji.

Also if you want to see Phill's favorite picture of his favorite person (that person being Phill of course) then check out the newest picture on the picture page and revel in it's glory.


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