Winter BBQ

BBQ on a rooftop in the middle of a winter evening. Dear reader reads this and thinks "BRILLIANT" but dear reader is wrong wrong wrong. It was cold. Cold as winter one might say. But the food and conversation were both delicious so a good day was had none the less.

This BBQ was with some of my coworkers and then their friends whom I didn't know, so much meeting and greeting was to be had on that rooftop in Shinsaibashi (the southern part of Osaka's downtown). There isn't much more to add that will excite or titillate you dear reader, so in lou of that, please just enjoy this picture of Osaka's setting sun as seen from the BBQ rooftop spot.

OR, you can click on the following link and see one of Phill's coworker's [not one from the BBQ, but another school] craziness on Japanese TV. His name's Sari:


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