As the pachinko parlor next to the station says, Kayashima truly is a "joyful" place. It also happens to be where I now live at in Japan so I thought I'd give a short little run down of the town.

It's not a very big city (it's smaller then the small city in which I work), but since all the cities in this area of Japan are connected together without any space inbetween [it's just a large urban sprawl] it doesn't really look that way. Some interesting points about Kayashima is that their are a lot of Yakuza in the city and their are also super narrow roads that both bikers and cars share [which makes riding my bike around town that much more exciting]. None the less, the people I've met are nice and there's a lot of delicious and cheap food to be had.

This is the Keihan Prince where I live. I live on the top floor and my balcony can be seen in this picture (and isn't that exciting).
And here's the heart and soul of Kayashima, the Karaoke place. They have lots of English songs to be sung and lots of fried squuid rings to be eaten.

The 7-11 just across the street from my place that has everything I could ever possibly need, day or night.
A grave yard with cherry trees in the back ground that follows a small stream.

Perhaps Kayashima's most famous attribute (aside from crime) is this 700 year old tree that is growing through the station platform.
Here's the large park that's an 8 minute bike ride from my house, with some mountains in the background.

My Room In Kayashima

Compared to my old place in Osaka (and especially to my place in Ohio) my room in Kayashima is really small. It's about 6 tatami mats big, plus a small kitchen area, small bath, and small toilet. Yet, it has everything I need here. It's also only 10 minutes from my school by bicycle and has the internet now. So I like it just fine, despite it's lack of space.

On the far left is my closet space, in the center is the door to my balcony which I can't go out on because that's where my washing machine is. On the right are my clothes which I can't hang in the closet because then I would have anywhere to put all the stuff that's in the closet.

On the left is my bed (I no longer sleep on the floor and I also no longer have tatami mats on my floor). Behind my the wall on the left is my bath and sink. In the center is the door to the hallway. There's also a door that I can close to seperate the kitchen area from the bedroom area, although I'm not sure why I would ever want to do that. On the right is the door to the toilet and also on the right (out of view) is my kitchen. My kitchen consists of one burner, a sink, and a mini fridge.

When I'm not at work, sight seeing, or singing karaoke, I have this in home entertainment to enjoy. I have a small TV, a VCR, a computer, some books, a CD player, a Gundam Model Kit, and a Japanese XBOX that includes a Japanese DVD player. So I always have something to do, even if I don't want to leave the house.

And that about wraps it up as far as Kayashima goes. If something new and exciting happens in the Kayashima I'll make sure I add it to this page, but I wouldn't count on that happening anytime soon.


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