The Winter of 08

Winter is a time to get rid of the old and bring in the new. With that spirit in mind the bar where Phill worked at in Kitahama, closed its doors forever. Phill had already stopped working there, but was invited to the last big party there and got to eat the 4 star food and drink 30 year old single malt for free. Hey, that place should close every week right?


The party was good and the company too. Phill is grateful for the opportunity he got there.

Phill was also grateful to this cute little dog for posing in this picture with him. This was taken at Hirakata Park where Phill had never been before. He went there with one of his conversational partners and good times were accomplished.


Part of those good times involved ice skating. How cool does Phill look up on one skate? Pretty cool.

Of course ice is nothing new to Phill. He saw plenty of that on his trip back to Ohio for the holiday season. What he didn't see was over 20 inches of snow fall in a 24 hour period like everyone else in Ohio got to experience after he came back to Japan.

He did get to see the pond behind his parents house freeze over though and he also got to fight off the cold with plates full of pecan pie, cashew brittle, pound cake, and baklava.

He also got to enjoy Christmas trees and Christmas lights. He went to the Zoo for the Zoo lights and that was a pretty smooth experience as well.

Unfortunately he also had to witness his Buckeyes loose the national championship game for the second year in a row. At least it was with good friends and new members to families. A few oldies but goldies showed up as well for a wintry trip down memory lane.

Friends were in waiting upon his arrival back in Osaka as well though, where he showered them with gifts of 90210 and merciless defeat in the game of bowling. Two places for the winter of 08 and both of them were very cool.


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