Xmas 2003

For Christmas Eve I was called in to work as the bartender at House Of Japan. The regular bartender was absent, so I helped them out. That me behind the bar (on the left) and Bo flipping an egg at the grill (on the right).

House Of Japan is the place I bartended at since during my return to Ohio. It's a Hibachi Steak House [i.e. Americanized Japanese Food]. The gimmick is that you aren't just eating good food, you're also getting a show since the chef cooks your food in front of you and does all sorts of tricks.

(On the left) is the flaming grill (and on the right) is some more egg flipping [the chefs crack the egg on their blade, off their head, or off the ceiling].

For Christmas Eve the restaurant closed early and all the employees got free food and drinks [lots of beer and Henessy]. My boy Mop was "gettin live on the grill" at my table and it was mmm, mmm good.

That night we ate fried rice, scallops, shrimp, and filet (with egg yolk sauce on the seafood). It was a lot of fun and a good atmosphere as well as being something I don't get to do normally for Christmas.

What I do normally do for Christmas is go to Mansfield, Ohio to visit my relatives (on my mother's side of the family). This year was no exception. I visited with my aunt, uncles, and grandmother [all picture on the left along with my mother].

We ate Hawaiian Chicken for lunch and then sat around and chatted before my parents and I headed back to Columbus. Once back in Columbus we watched the 3rd Lord Of The Rings movie and then hit up a Chinese Restaurant for dinner before drawing the day to a close.

So that was my Christmas Eve & Christmas Day experience. I hope all of you out there had as much fun, if not more fun, than I did during my holidays.


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