One Week In Ohio

Since I'm still unemployed at the moment and not going to school either I've been able to do a lot of activities since my return to Ohio. Here's a look at how I spent just one of the carefree (if you don't count worrying about money and work as a care) weeks since my return.

(On the left) I'm pulling into the stables after a 45 minute horseback ride through the woods. (On the right) is a picture of me loafing around on top of a statue of Chief Leatherlips [of the Wyandot Tribe] at a park in Dublin, OH.

(On the left) I'm practicing my golf swing at a local driving range while (on the right) I'm enjoying my very first round of disc golf. Disc golf is played with a rubber Frisbee which the players try to throw into metal baskets from about 300 yards away.

(On the left) is a picture of one of the 5 great lakes, Lake Erie. In the background the shore of mainland Ohio can be seen. I took a boat to Put-In-Bay Island where I saw the monument (on the right) and played a game of American football with a friend.

(On the left) is a picture of me and one of the employee's of COSI, the Science Museum in downtown Columbus. (On the right) is a manatee at the Columbus Zoo, which keeps getting better all the time.

(On the left) is one of the most exciting things I did that week which was watch the Columbus Blue Jackets Ice Hockey team defeat the New York Rangers 6-3. (On the right) is the most ridiculous thing I did that week, which was visit a field of cement corn statues.

And that about wraps that week up. Granted this week was a little more action packed than one of my normal weeks, so it isn't a fair representation of what my day to day life is like. However, it does give the reader (meaning you whom are reading this) a good idea of some of the things there are to see and do in Ohio.