Gion Festival Etc.

Here're just a few details of 8 days of my time in Japan. From Tuesday July 16th - Wednesday July 24th, 2002.

Tuesday July 16th, Phill
went to the Gion Festival in
Kyoto. On the left is a bridge
over the Kamogawa and on
the right is one of the many
"hokos" at the festival.

On the following Tuesday I
went with some friends to
an Italian Restaurant and to
Karaoke for a belated
birthday celebration in
honor of me. Yeah!

On the left is the Sky Building
in downtown Osaka where I
went to see the Mysteries Of
The Human Body exhibition on
Wednesday. On the right is
possibly the best drink add
ever. I know nothing makes
me thirstier than a bunch
of kids pissing in a pool!


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