Fish Eye Photos Part One

Faces like this can be seen when a picture is taken with a Fish Eye lens camera. That's a good thing if you're looking for chuckles. Oh look! I found chuckles! He's to the left and to the right of this here paragraph. Everyone say "Hello Chuckles".

Here we have some very random pictures. The first was Yoshiko's punishment for thinking she had a chance against the most prolific bowler of our generation, one Mr. Phillip L. Evans. The middle one is the aforementioned Mr. Evans' bicycle and the final picture is one of his coworkers drinking at karaoke.

Food looks more delicious through the eyes of a fish as these next two photos prove. At left is a BBQ party along the riverside and on the right is a rooftop beer garden. "Yummy things look even yummier when rounded off and distorted" was the title of Phill's 7th grade science fair project. He was right.

And today's final picture is of some coworkers walking through a shopping arcade after the beer garden and karaoke. Were they "walking" or "stumbling"? It's hard to say with a picture so round. And that in the long run is why Phill enjoys his new camera so much. It leaves things to the imagination and for the viewer to create and decide. It's that reason that always makes the book better than the movie and fish eye pictures better than human eye pictures.


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